Our Process



We assess the whole child — mind and body, then formulate a program designed specifically for that child.

Once you contact us online or by phone , you can expect the following:

  1. Director Meeting
    Meet with our director to learn more about the Chatterbox Learning Academy training process, our commitment to your child, and the role you’ll have in your child’s training. We’ll discuss resources and investment, and help you make an informed decision regarding your child’s development

  2. Evaluation
    When you decide to join the Learning Academy, we’ll conduct a three hour evaluation. During this evaluation, we gather extensive information about your child’s specific strengths and challenges. We take all possible factors into consideration, including test results and diagnoses you may have received from other providers or clinics.

  3. Tailored Program
    Using the results of our evaluation, a specially tailored plan is designed to address the root cause of your child’s challenges. This plan incorporates innovative tools and research backed programs proven to correct challenges and reform irregular neural development. We customize each plan to accommodate almost any schedule. Your child will train with a clinician one on one, 1-3 times each week for a pre-determined amount hours. Most of our scholars meet twice a week.

  4. Progress
    You will be thrilled to see your child improve in not only the areas that he or she struggles, but in other areas as well! Each program is as unique as each child and always custom tailored to individual needs. No child, even in the same family, will progress at the same pace or pattern. Still, you and your child will see progress. You will likely see improvement across all areas of your child’s life including social skills, behavior, confidence, academics and more. We’ll celebrate with you every step of the way and keep cheering your child on to Learning Academy success!

  5. Teacher Connection
    We connect with your child’s primary teacher, and a parent is welcome to observe on a monthly basis. You will receive a bi-monthly progress report. Our clinicians remain available to you during your child’s experience with us. We view our relationship with your family as collaborative and find that our students have the best success when clinicians, educators, the child and family all communicate openly and regularly.